华夏娱乐: China debuts AI virtual idol

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Chinese virtual idol Ling (Photo/Courtesy of Xmov) 本文来源:,旨在打造以人工智能(AI)为中枢、以大数据(BigData)为依托、以云计算(CloudComputing)为基础,形成ABC三位一体的云服务结构,与传统行业深度融合,构建新型云计算生态系统,更好的服务于企业客户。普通版纪录片的特点在于航拍视角与超清品质,许多观众在观看纪录片后感叹每一帧都是一张精美的壁纸。  另外,缩略图模式对于我们这种有大量图片类处理需求的用户来说简直就是利器。在百足穿刺的时候开法宝躲避伤害。

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Chinese virtual idol Ling (Photo/Courtesy of Xmov)

Chinese virtual idol Ling made her world online debut Monday, leading the latest Chinese internet trend among positive influencers and cultural inheritors and showcasing China's soft power and culture.

Bearing a close resemblance to humans, Ling was co-created by Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) start-up Shanghai Xmov Information Technology and Beijing Cishi Culture Media Company.

Relying on its self-developed full-stack end-to-end AI technology, Xmov has opened the  process of intelligent characterization from intelligent modeling to AI performance animation technology which drives facial expressions, eyes, body and finger movements, and  generating short videos or real-time broadcasts to realize interaction and commercialization of virtual intelligent property (IP).

Ling's team will generate content around such characteristics as the national essence of Peking Opera and the combination of classic and modern fashion on social platforms like Weibo, Instagram, and Douyin, Xmov said in a statement.

With commercial programming, the 3D virtual figure will engage in business endorsements, live broadcasts, and participate in online and offline activities.

CEO and Xmov founder Chai Jinxiang said virtual IP value will be released at the maximum level via livestreaming and short videos.

The emerging virtual idol sector, backed by China's younger generation, has been on the fast development track in recent years, with more domestic internet firms increasing investment in this nascent sector.

Despite the size of China's virtual idol industry was less than 100 million yuan ($14 million) in 2018, with increased investment, it is expected to grow to 1.5 billion yuan by 2023, according to

Last year, virtual idol Luo Tianyi shared the stage with China's top pianist Lang Lang, marking the country's first concert between a holographic singer and real-life musician. 

Today, Luo's Weibo account has over 4 million fans.

The virtual idol trend first originated in Japan, where the IP industry has thrived. Hatsune Miku, a virtual idol pioneer, is an anime character who sings through a vocal synthesizer. Miku has performed multiple times in China, singing in both Chinese and Japanese.

An investor in the TMT industry, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Global Times that with the development of 5G technologies and the improvement of holographic technologies, virtual idol character richness and interactive abilities will grow stronger.

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