牛牛大小王: Xinjiang residents tell stories of regional development

2021-09-15 08:37:40Xinhua Editor : Li Yan ECNS App Download
Special: www.86msc.comXinjiang 本文来源:,他们一直在设法把技能传承下去,但却没有这样做的能力,因为人员储备很少,而且没有训练设施可供使用。小赵说,自己今年29岁,在老家,同龄人的孩子都可以打酱油了,自己却还孑然一身,为了过年回家给父母一个交代,他格外珍惜这份迟来的爱情。  事实上,监管部门已经意识到问题的严重性。  记者看到,在监管部门对杠杆资金“野蛮收购”提出警示后,12月5日A股市场中之前被险资举牌的上市公司股价均出现大幅波动,而这些股票近期股价的过山车表现,恰恰反映出部分险资对市场的负面影响。

  会议指出,软力量是一带一路建设的重要助推器。  熊小姐称,销售人员郭剑告诉她,今年10月底就可以交车。  截至当天收盘,纽约商品交易所2017年1月交货的轻质原油期货价格下跌1.16美元,收于每桶49.77美元,跌幅为2.28%。整体上而言,你重新开始对自己负责了,并且也为事态的发展负责。

韩国评论家崔光熙(音译)则表示:韩流文化也是政府国策,大力扶持的结果;这种性质注定,韩流多少会受到政治和外交关系的影响。  把自己调频到高八度,你就能表现出极大的积极明智的转变!  [魔羯座]译者:@Louisalotte  外行星们正在努力达成一致,在它们的作用下,魔羯座们会有很长一段美好时光。洪博培和特朗普有些相似之处:两人都生于豪门,洪博培的父亲亨茨曼是美国最大化学公司亨茨曼公司创始人,不过洪博培在政治上更有兴趣。  以IPO数量创出阶段新高的11月为例,上证综指有14个交易日全天振幅不足1%,单日波动最大的11月25日振幅也仅为1.63%。

A video conference showcasing Xinjiang's stable development was held by the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region government and the Chinese embassy in Iran on Monday.

At the conference, several grassroots representatives from Xinjiang shared their experiences with Iranian officials, scholars, and other participants via video link, showing Xinjiang's stable development and refuting fallacies of anti-China forces in the West.

Abdusami Abdumijit graduated from the former vocational education and training center in Kashgar and became the deputy director of a local food company. He shared his experience of being influenced by religious extremism and being persuaded by his family to go to the center and learn e-commerce.

"With the support of community cadres and my parents, I founded the company with several friends. Business is booming. The company has hired 18 employees. My annual income is around 160,000 yuan (about 24,800 U.S. dollars)," he said.

"I often think that if the center hadn't pulled me out of the mire of religious extremism, I might have already embarked on the road of crime," he added.

Lutpulla Abdureyim, an Imam from Hotan city, said the government has been very supportive in improving venues and conditions for religious activities.

According to him, the local mosques now have access to water, electricity, roads, communication, radio and television, newspapers and periodicals, and washing and cleansing facilities. They are also equipped with medical services, air conditioners, fire-fighting facilities and drinking water, which greatly facilitate religious activities.

Ababakri Mamat, a cotton grower from Aksu Prefecture, said with sowing machines, unmanned aerial vehicles and cotton-picking machines, what used to take more than 100 people a few weeks to achieve now takes a few days.

"The so-called 'forced labor' is ridiculous. The members of the cooperative and I made money with our own hands, relying on our own labor to get rich. We don't need anyone to force us at all," he said. 


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