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2021-04-07 08:55:08China Daily Editor : Mo Hong'e ECNS App Download
A resident receives nucleic acid testing for COVID-19 at Mengmao village of Mengmao township, Ruili city, Southwest China's Yunnan province, March 31, 2021. (Photo/Xinhua) 本文来源:,“686号文”也一度成为铁通的依仗:全业务竞争中,移动很快会与铁通联合发展宽带。与此同时,AppleWatch还带动了各种时尚表带的需求增长,为ApplePay吸引了关注,以及吸引很多体育爱好者加入了苹果的生态系统。而职场人的选择中该项并未进入前五项,他们更倾向于希望雇主能够提供与自身贡献匹配的薪酬回报。说到性价比产品,在如今的笔记本市场中有着许多的代表性产品,无论是异军突起的新兴品牌,还是底蕴深厚的知名厂商,性价比产品绝对是抢占市场不可或缺强力武器。

我们还不可忽视的是,中国的三家电信运营商不仅面对自身业务下滑和成长乏力的考验,更需要面临强大的互联网公司及互联网业务的侵袭,要说是朝不保夕有些言过其实,可要说步履维艰却是实情。这被解读为联通4G战略重大转向的积极信号,此前在3G和4G发展方向中国联通一直摇摆不定,贻误了太多商机。据悉,中国移动2015年9月份新增用户数276.1万户,3G用户减少735.3万户,4G用户新增1835.2万户。  实际上,目前昆明各家学校都通过压缩在校时间、减少家庭作业以及保证体育课和课外活动时间等举措为孩子减负,中考也通过调整考试方式以期减少学生课业压力。


A resident receives nucleic acid testing for COVID-19 at Mengmao village of Mengmao township, Ruili city, Southwest China's Yunnan province, March 31, 2021. (Photo/Xinhua)

Special: Battle Against Novel Coronavirus


Ruili in Yunnan province reported 15 fresh novel coronavirus cases on Monday, taking the total number of cases there to 66. Local authorities have declared three neighborhoods as high-risk areas and six as middle-risk. 

Which means the battle to contain the virus may take longer, increasing the pressure on the people and the authorities.

Ruili, a frontier city, shares a long boundary with Myanmar, and the daily flow of goods and people across the border has increased the pressure on the authorities to prevent the virus being imported. However, the authorities seem to have done a fairly good job of conducting nucleic acid tests on all the residents in a day and a half and rushing vaccines to the vaccination centers in no time.

Considering that many people from Myanmar are in Ruili, the authorities have mobilized more than 1,000 volunteers who speak the Burmese language to advise the visitors to be inoculated and boost the fight against the virus. There is no saying for how long Ruili will remain under lockdown, but the epidemic should be brought under control soon given the way the authorities are working.

There are some new lessons to learn from the outbreak in Ruili. First and foremost, the novel coronavirus pandemic is yet to be fully brought under control, and China must stay alert against the risk of imported cases. Since infection cases were first detected through nucleic acid testing in key neighborhoods, epidemic-prevention measures need to continue to minimize risks.

Second, the faster the authorities carry out nucleic acid tests, provide treatment for those infected with the virus, carry out tracing and mobilize volunteers, the sooner they can cut the transmission chains of the virus.

More importantly, the vaccination drive has been accelerated, increasing hopes of achieving herd immunity at the earliest.

We hope the local authorities control the spread of the virus in Ruili at the earliest and provide more lessons on how to prevent the virus from making a comeback.

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